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Welcome to Net Zero Homes

The End of Utility Costs is Just Beginning.

As are a leader in sustainable building, Nelson Homes now offers Virginia’s first affordable Net Zero Energy Home – the ultimate combination of energy-saving technology, comfort, and affordability.

What is a Net Zero Home?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a Net Zero energy home is capable of producing renewable energy equal to the amount it consumes. While it doesn’t take your home off the local utility grid, it will offset the cost of energy a typical family consumes over the course of a year. Simply put, a net zero home can create as much energy as it uses.

Zero Compromise of Lifestyle.

When you move into a Nelson Net Zero Homes , you can benefit from improved efficiency, comfort and health – and remarkable energy and cost savings – without making any changes to the way you live. You can watch TV while surfing the Internet with your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature, while enjoying unprecedented energy savings at the same time.

Making Net Zero Homes Affordable.

There were fewer than 100 Net Zero Homesin the United States, the majority of which were either expensive custom homes purchased only by high-end buyers or showcase homes that were not for sale. Nelson Net Zero Homes are affordable and available through the Virginia. Each of our Net Zero Homesare priced competitively to homes that don’t include all the features you get in every Nelson Home. Every Nelson Net Zero Homes is 100% ENERGY STAR® certified by the EPA and Eco First with an estimated energy savings of up to 100%.


Cutting Edge Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Systems produce 2 to 3 times more energy from the sun. The Solar Control Center connects solar panels, report to your internet site, and email status reports to you. Geothermal H/P system and thermostat to save energy, keep your home comfortable and manage indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency

Every Nelson Net Zero Home is 100% ENERGY STAR® certified with an estimated energy savings of up to 80%. Efficient appliances provide a 10-50% reduction in wasted energy. Advanced LED and CFL lighting systems use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting.

Thermal Envelope

High-grade insulation in the walls and attic create an airtight seal to maintain consistent temperatures. Double Low-E windows reduce energy loss by as much as 30-50% over regular windows.

Indoor Air Quality

Geothermal H/P systems with programmable thermostats increase comfort and decreases operating costs up to 50%. Air filters reduce pollen, dust, pet dander and other fibers from indoor air to increase comfort and reduce allergens. Low VOC carpets, paints and finishes provide a healthier home environment. Conditioned Crawl spaces underhome reduce radon gases and keep home warm.

Water Management

Water efficient faucets and showerheads can reduce water costs up to 50%. Dual flush actuator toilets utilize at least 20% less water than traditional models. also availble is weather sensing smart irrigation controllers monitor water use based on weather conditions, watering only when needed as well as Rain Water Storage and Gray Water Recycling.

We’re one of the first major Central Virginia homebuilder to be 100% ENERGY STAR® qualified in every home started since 2010.


ANY of OUR new HOMES can be a Net Zero Energy Home.


For an Eco Friendly Mortgage checkout:

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