The Nelson Homes Advantage

From Custom designing your New Home to assisting you with your Financing. From helping you purchase your new lot or land to Landscaping your new home. From Building your New Driveway to installing your New Well and Septic system and everything in between!!! We Can Do it All.

Nelson Homes is a Class “A” contractor with the most ability in our industry. Our Classifications/Specialties include: Building, Highway/Heavy, Modular/ Manufactured Building, Sewage Disposal Systems, Landscaping Service, Alternative Energy Systems, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating ventilation and Air Conditioning.

At Nelson Homes, we understand that you are not the contractor, we are. We will use our years of Experience, our Technologies and in-house Systems to make sure your new homes is built quickly and to the highest level of quality in the industry. Our management, sales staff and technicians are constantly evaluating our in-house systems and procedure to provide that level of quality.

We have over 30 year’s of experience in the Alternative Energy field. We understand what is required to build the most efficient house in the industry and we have the engineering to prove it. We constantly re-evaluate our building envelope and mechanical system to deliver the most efficient and affordable house in the market place. Our goal is to take the magic out of the technologies and to modify slightly our construction technics and integrate the new technologies into our construction, reducing cost and saving our clients’ money, increasing the perceived value of the new home, reducing the carbon foot print and save energy for years to come. We are a 100% Energy Star Builder and Proud of it!

Our House Quoting system provides the most complete contract in Virginia, so our clients know exactly what is included in the contract and how much it will cost, with no overruns! Our clients pick the price that they would like to pay by choosing options that they want and we do the rest!

Our Heads-up Scheduling system tracks all our active jobs and notifies our Supplier, Subcontractors, in-house Technicians, Sales Staff, our clients and managers of task that our coming up so everyone can plan and well as notify management of bottle necks to allow construction to flow as smooth as possible. Everybody knows what is going on… All the time.

At Nelson Homes we know that it is important to communicate regularly with our clients and everyone involved with the Sale and Construction task. Our staff has Direct Phone Numbers to make it quicker to communicate directly with whom you wish to speak. Our phone system Hunts Down the person you need to speak with. This will limit the time between communications and you will get your answers sooner. Our staff has smart phones and can receive your email, text, calls and other message anytime day or night. So, expect a reply in the evenings or weekends.

Our staff can access our computer systems from anywhere in the world that has internet access… and they do! You can go to any of our Sales Location and access the same data for any client or project. Our technicians have smart phones as well. All your construction project information is downloaded real-time as it becomes available on our system. Finally, Our Technicians takes Pictures of everything we do, all the time and the pic’s are uploaded to our systems every morning for a staff review.

Nelson Homes is the first in the industry to have Job Site Cameras Streaming Live job for client that may live out of the area. Our clients can watch construction while at work, home or on vacation. Our Technicians can Stream Live Tours of your house for our clients and management.

Our partnering manufacturers have over 50 years of systems building experience, and that knowledge is built into every Nelson Homes house we build. Modular housing offers many advantages over conventional stick-built construction methods.

Climate controlled environment – Building and storing material inside a controlled environment produces a better quality product, because your home is not exposed to the harmful effects of the weather.

Consistent Quality – The assembly line building process creates superior quality, through the steady employment of skilled craftsmen who have been trained extensively. Nelson Homes employees have a sense of pride and ownership in the homes they build. The majority of stick builders use subcontractors and often the lowest bidder.

Quality Control Inspections – Daily plant inspections by our manufacturers in addition to third party inspectors ensure consistent quality and code compliance that meet or exceed state standards.

Superior Strength – Modular homes are the strongest of all frame homes built, because they are built with up to 30% more framing and fastening materials to withstand the stress of transportation and erection.

Cost Savings – Building time is reduced by building the home and doing the site preparation at the same time. This reduction in time lowers your interest payments on a construction loan. In addition, most stick builder pricing reflects the historical costs of job site theft, vandalism and damaged materials. Modular homes arrive at the job site 90% complete which reduces those costs. We also pass more savings on to you because we buy materials by the truckload, while most builders buy from the local lumberyard. Computer aided drafting reduces material waste and we also recycle much of our scrap material.

Precision Engineering – Computer aided drafting (CAD) allows precision customization and flexibility in floor plan designs. We offer a wide variety of ranch, cape and two-story floor plans and elevations.

Energy Efficiency – Our manufactures are an ENERGY STAR® partner and are committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials.

Outstanding Customer Service – Every Nelson Homes house comes with a full one year limited warranty. Nelson Homes has a dedicated service department that works with our manufacturers and their staff to provide professional service. In addition, many of the brand name components, such as appliances, shingles and siding used in your home, are covered by separate manufacturer warranties.