Top Questions

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is constructed in an environmentally controlled factory by precise craftsmen and then delivered to the homesite for installation. Modular Homes are built to adhere to very strict IRC building codes and must meet government energy efficiency standards. Today´s Modular Home offers the homeowner a way to build a quality house on their lot at an affordable price in a short amount of time without the headaches and delays typically associated with traditional “site” or “stick building”.

What is the Quality Level of a Modular Home?

The homes that we produce are quality built by experts that have been building Modular Homes for over 30 years. Quality construction throughout the building process is emphasized by using top rated building materials and name brand products. They also have to be certified by an independent inspector before the homes can leave the factory.



How long does it take to construct a Modular Home?

On average it takes the factory 6-8 weeks to construct the home. It is then delivered by truck to your lot and set on your foundation by a set crew in 1-2 days. An additional benefit is that your site work and foundation can be completed simultaneously. This can save even more time.

What exactly is the “Set” of the house?

The set is the process in which the Modular Home sections are removed from the delivery carriers and placed into position and fastened to your foundation. This process is handled by a crew of approximately 4-6 people and a crane and usually takes 1-2 days. We try to schedule this for the day after the home is delivered. At this point the home is a watertight lockable home and is about 65%-75% complete.

Do you only offer owner involvement programs?

Yes, at this time we are offering owner involvement programs. We find that this has become a niche for us and some of our customers seem to prefer it.


What types of work needs to be done before and after the Modular Home is delivered?

Prior to the home being delivered the site work needs to be completed. This usually includes engineering work, permits, clearing the lot, excavation and foundation. The home is then delivered and set onto the foundation. After this point it is time for the finish work which includes:

Plumbing components and connections
Heating/Cooling components and connections
Electrical connections
City water or well installation
City sewer or septic installation
Final grading and seeding
Exterior Finish Work
Partially Install Siding
Install light fixtures
Interior Finish Work
Drywall Patching
Touch-up painting
Install doors on marriage walls
Mate flooring on marriage walls
Partially install insulation
Paint or Stain staircase
Remove packaging materials

If I am a handy person can I do some of the work myself?

Yes, other than the work that needs to be completed by a licensed professional, the remaining work can be done by the homeowner. A good amount of the interior and exterior finish work can be done by a person with basic handy skills. You can always pick the work that you feel comfortable doing and hire a professional for the rest.

Why should I select Nelson Homes for helping me in building my dream?

We pride ourselves in helping clients build a high quality home at an affordable price. We strive for superior customer satisfaction and we are here to assist you with any questions that you might have throughout the project. By taking an active role in completing some of the work yourself or by using a contractor that we have referred will help keep the costs of your project to the absolute minimum.

Should I already have a building lot before I start planning my project?

Yes and No, it is a good idea to have a lot or be in the process of purchasing a lot before you start planning. Some projects can be affected by the location and slope of the lot. You do not want to get to committed to a plan and then have to change it. Its also a good idea to get pre-qualified as soon as possible so you can have an idea of your project budget.

Should I use a lender that specializes in Modular Home lending?

In our opinion, absolutely Yes! Some lenders say they do modular lending but they really don´t cover all the aspects needed for a smooth lending process. When you shop around for lenders ask them the following questions:

Do you let the homeowner handle the draws?

Do you finance sweat equity?

Do you have low down payment programs?

Do you offer curbside payments?

If they don´t answer yes to every one of these questions then find a lender that does.

I´m ready to build my dream but I can´t find a building lot, What should I do?

The simple answer is contact Donna Rutherford at First Virginia Estates. Her phone number is (434) 981-4297. She is outstanding to work with and will assist you in finding a quality lot that will meet your needs. She can also assist in selling your current home if you need to do so. If you want to browse for available lots on the market try going to

I saw the pricing next to the plans on the website, what does it include?

The pricing includes the base price of the home built to the listed specs.   The price delivery to your lot will vary depending on your location. We do need some key infomation to give you an more complete price.



How much can I really save by building a Modular Home?

It is very hard to estimate actual building costs because so many things come into play. For example site conditions, septic requirements, well drilling and various forms of finish work can greatly dictate the final price. With that being said most people that purchase new homes in new developments are paying roughly $115-$130 per sq. ft. depending on location and quality. By building a modular home and taking an active role in the project you could expect to be in the $60-$95 per sq. ft. range. Once again this is greatly dictated on how much you pay for the lot and how much work you want to do yourself. We have had customers finish their homes spending even less than that but they did much of the finish work themselves. Your home can be an owner built house!

Can I modify the floor plan or the exterior of the house?

Yes, many of our customers want to change the plan a little to meet their needs. Frequently our customers will like the kitchen in one plan and the bedroom layout in another. As for the exterior we can make the home appear very different from the outside by modifying the exterior look. Most of the exterior views that you see on our website can be adapted to fit your plan.

Do your Modular Homes offer a warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer warranties on all the products used to build your home are transferable to the new owner. In addition,the factory has a 1 year limited warranty, we offer a 1 year Builder limited warranty as well as the home comes with a 10 year structural warranty.