Modular homes are growing in popularity because of the increased value received for every housing dollar. Nelson Homes is a leader in building the home of your choice, in a controlled setting, with a skilled, fully trained workforce, protected from the weather every day thereby preventing any unforeseen delays.

A Modular Home is built to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Uniform Statewide Building Code, the same as a site-built home, and considered to be the same in the zoning and financing processes.   The state building code is enforced at the factory level as the home is being built rather than on the building site.  In a controlled environment, our materials avoid being damaged and the construction process continues year round, regardless of weather. The materials are ordered in bulk leveraging our purchasing power, enabling us to pass substantial savings on to our customers.   A modular home has all of the code advantages of a site built home and all of the building condition advantages that factory construction offers.

Benefits to a Modular Home:

· Constructed in a quality controlled environment

· Construction cannot be delayed because of weather

· Inclement weather will not cause material damage

· Material inventories are controlled, never lost or stolen from the job site

· Materials are purchased in volume at lower prices, increasing the value to the customer

· Home construction is inspected constantly during the construction process and after delivery

· Meets the same building codes and zoning laws as site-built homes

· May be financed through conventional mortgage institutions

What is the difference between an “on-frame” and “off-frame” modular?

In Virginia, legally, there is no distinction made between an off-frame and on frame modular.  They are both built to the Uniform State-Wide Building Code.  They are transported to the buildng site via different modes of transportation, but other than that they are the same home.