Wholesale Home and Owner Completion Programs

At Nelson Homes we pride ourselves in assisting homeowners construct their dreams in an innovative way that saves them time and money. We have put together a truly comprehensive Wholesale Home and Owner Completion  Program that helps our customers reach their goals on time and on budget.

Our program is really very simple. We start by assisting our customers in selecting and customizing a plan that meets their personal needs. We then guide them through the process of applying and securing financing for their new home project. The home is then ordered for production and a scheduled delivery date is set. At this point the customer is at the first step of their involvement. They begin to secure bids to have their site-work (foundation, excavation, etc.) completed. After reviewing their bids they select a contractor to begin their site-work. One convenience about building a modular home is that the site-work can be completed while the home is being constructed at the factory. This can save valuable time.

The home is then delivered to your site where a completed foundation is awaiting its new home. The home is then “set” or installed onto the foundation in about 1-2 days by a specialized set crew. With the aid of a crane they connect the home together and ensure the home is watertight and lockable. At this point the home is 75% complete, with just the finishing work to be done.

The homeowner is now at the second step of their involvement. By contracting out the finish work or by completing the work themselves, the homeowner can save valuable dollars which, in turn, translates to total savings on their project. Also, our customers appreciate the fact that they can control this progress by selecting the contractors that they want to use.

Typical examples of the finish work that needs to be completed are as follows:


-Mating Flooring
-Mating Sheetrock
-Installing Doors
-Touch-up Painting
-Drywall Touch-up
-Installing Trim
-Installing Stairs & Railings
-Installing Insulation
-Build Basement Stairs
-Final Electrical & Plumbing
-Mechanical Connections
-Furnace/Oil Tank


-Finish Siding & Soffits
-Install Light Fixtures
-Decks, Porches, Steps



* See Construction Packages for more info.

Some of our customers have extensive knowledge in the building industry, others have no experience at all. Regardless, all it takes is a commitment to set a goal and achieve it. It is our commitment to guide you through this most exciting endeavor of building your new home. This program is NOT for everyone!


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