How can you reduce the construction cost of your new house? There is an easy way to save up to 30% on the cost of construction…buy a custom modular home! Our modular homes are factory-constructed which are delivered and assembled at your home site. Once assembled, your new home looks like any other home in your neighborhood; however, it exceeds all other homes in the neighborhood in terms of quality, strength, and durability.

Since your new home will be built in a factory, it is much less expensive than a home built on-site. So how does all this save you money? As you know, factories use huge machines that build thousands of items in a short span of time. Thus, they deliver more savings in terms of time and labor. Instead of having a handful of construction workers on-site slowly building your home in various weather conditions, you have a reliable, professional crew in a factory, building your home in pristine conditions. Just like everything else you may own… it’s built in a factory!

The material for the homes consists primarily of the same material as a site built home, wood, steel, vinyl, concrete and weatherboard. The factory buys the material from their manufacturers and suppliers at wholesale rates which are heavily discounted. It is not possible for a retail shopper to buy his housing material as cheaply as the we can.

We cut and mold the components or modules like walls, floors and cabinets as per pre-set designs which reduce large amounts of waste that occurs at the individual home builder’s sites. And left over material is never wasted; we use all of our material and help protect the planet by constructing homes this way. We transfer these savings to their customers to attract buyers in a competitive market. The savings to a buyer of a factory built home can be as large as 30% which bring your home within a much easier reach.

The home is then transported to site on one or more trucks. The end result is a quality home, built in less time and for less money! Check out some of our quality floor plans Cape Cods and Cottages which can be customized to your needs. If you have any questions or just want to talk about your dream home contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.