The Nelson Group Family Continues to Grow!

Nelson Homes, Bennie’s Homes, and everyone else in the Nelson Group would like to welcome Crew’s Homes to our family!

James and Josephine Crews have been operating Crews Mobile Homes Sales and Transport in McKenney Va. (south of Petersburg) since the early 1950’s! They will join our group as Crew’s Homes selling Modular, Manufactured and Used or Repo homes. They are currently stocking new homes, but already have many used homes!

Coming along with James and Jo are Christine Hilton and Shana Martin who are both sales consultants.

The Nelson Group Continues to Grow and now the following companies are a part of the group:

Nelson Homes, Bennie’s Homes, Crew’s Homes, Earth Sculpting and Utilities, High Top Contracting and Consulting, Mountain View, Mill Race, Crab Apple Estates, Sleepy Meadows, Rutherford Enterprises, First Virginia Estates, American Modern Insurance, Rutherford Management and Consulting, and DL Rutherford Law. More to Come… Soon! We want to be a true one stop shop for our clients…

Let’s offer a warm welcome to the new members of the Nelson Group family!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Nelson Homes at (434) 263-6440, or Crew’s Homes at (804) 478-4821!