Nelson and Bennies Homes are now offering Net Zero Energy Homes! That means your new home will produce as much Energy as it uses… AFFORDABLE!!! Using a combination of our Energy Start Certified houses, our Hybrid Water Heaters, our Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems, our new Solar Electric systems and a little energy conservation, your new house would use less electricity and producing as much as it uses.

We are excited to offer our new product after prototyping our systems for over a year.  With over 30 years of alternative energy experience, I have been wanting to release this new technology at a very affordable price… and NOW it’s time.

Any of our homes can be built to the Net Zero Spec and our sales staff is coming up to speed with the technology.

One of the first homes we specified for this technology is a 1750 sqft home, and after the tax credits, the home would sell for less then $99 per square foot. That price would also include our standard well, septic, and sitework… Total Turn Key construction!

Give us a call to find out more.. We do have a new website, it’s still under construction but has a lot of info… check it out