It’s a new year and we are all most likely celebrating. It’s been a complicated couple of years for our country, many families, and the construction industry. Like many, we made it to the new year with new dreams and visions for ourselves, our company and families.

Nelson Homes and our entire Group has met the challenges of last year, reaching our goals and emerging as a Lean, Mean Building Machine!!!

Our Sales force has increased its knowledge in all aspects of the construction process, and online systems.  Our construction team has increased its knowledge of building codes, construction process and  Total Quality Management. Our Contractors are being trained to use our processes. This will integrated them into our building/business systems which in the long run will be good for them, our clients and the Nelson Group.

We are excited about the new year… Interest Rates are still at historic lows, our product, people and processes are the best we ever had and our team is ready to go!

So.. Let us know how we can serve you. You won’t be disappointed!