The Nelson Group has just implemented its long awaited scheduling system called HeadsUp. The HeadsUp scheduling system is internet based and will be a major improvement for clients, vendors, subcontracts, factors, supervisors, lenders, closing agents, sales as well as other employees concerning communications for any project they may be working on.

HeadsUp will send information by email or fax every morning about new projects, changes in projects, documentation about projects and more, to the parties responsible for performing the task, or someone just monitoring the task. So if you buy a new home from Nelson or Bennies Homes you will get a Heads Up each morning about you project!!! We are the only Modular Builder with a system like this in the state… yet another first for the Nelson Group!! We will be adding samples reports and links to our website soon. Keep an eye out for it.

Our Clients and Subcontractors will be able to log into HeadsUp to get data or update the status of a project. This will give us more real time control over the construction process, as well as more control over the construction process in general.

With HeadsUp, we should be able to better predict when a project will be complete. As we all know, that will help the final inspection process, the closing process, and the move-in process go more smoothly.

We look forward to your participation with us, as well as to the increase in our quality of service to all our partners. If you have any questions about HeadsUp… give me a call.