Dormer on Standard Fixed Roof
over Front Door                                         $320
(Standard or Eyebrow)
Accent Dormer                                          $200
(Decorative for over a window)
7/16 Full O.S.B. Wrap                                 STD
44-66’   68-76’
R22 11 30 Insulation                                   $525     $650
R13 in Sidewall                                           $140
Fixed roof Hinged roof                                 STD
Rafters 16” on center rafters                        $500 $2100 on
Flood Lights                                                 $35/corner
Ice Dam Protection                                      $150
Double Pewter Lights @ Front Door              $45

Roofing Material Options:

20 year fiberglass shingle                             STD
(color: weathered gray)
44-60’ 62-76’
Architectural Shingles                                    $500   $625
(color: Weatherwood, Green, or Cedar Blend)
Metal Roofs                                  44-52’ 54-60’ 62-68’ 70-76’  (color: Green, Blue, or Red)         $3120 $3530 $3810 $4175
Available on fixed roof only

Roof Pitch & Sidewall Options:
44-52’ 54-60’ 62-68’ 70-76’
6/12 Hinged Roof & Architectural   $3600 $4100 $4550 $4900
shingles, 8’ flat, & roof tarp

Additional axle on each half (required)           $350

Roofing Material Options:
Cosmetic Dormer to go on 6/12 roof              $500                      Cosmetic Dormer with carrier                        $800
44” Fixed Rafter (available on 28 wides only) $250
44-66’ 68-76’
2×6 Sidewalls with R19 Insulation                   $999   $1175

9’ Sidewalls with 6/12 hinged roof           See CAN page 18 & 19

Siding Applications:

Double four lap vinyl siding                             STD
(colors: Tan, Silk, White, Clay, Gray)
Optional siding
(color: Sagebrook)                                         $1200
Shutters right side and front door side            STD
(colors: Blue, Black, Green, White, Red, Taupe)
White Colonial Door Surround                        $180
Decorative Accent Columns on exterior          $75/column
Cedar Shake Accents                                     $500 to $800 model specific

Deluxe Window Trim with Corner Posts          $200
60”              68”
Extra Shutters                                   $30 per pair  $50 per pair
Cedar Siding                                      See CAN page 21 & 22
Craneboard Siding                             See CAN page 21 & 22

Exterior Doors & Windows:

Low “E” Energy Efficient 60” Thermopane         STD
Windows with Grids
36×68” Window in place of 60” window             $45 / window
60” Window with drape                                    $210

Sliding Glass Door with Vertical Blind                $350
Front Door with Half Fan Window @ Top           $75
Square Stained Front Door (white only)            $400
Heritage Door with Sidelight on each side         $500
Atrium Door (one side opens)                           $650
Palladium Window (in place of 2 windows)        $575
White Wood Shutters on Palladium                   $300
Atrium Window (Small Palladium)                    $300
Picture Window for Living Room or Den            $325
Top Light Window (above 60” window)             $80/ window
Glass Skylight (14×48”)                                    $195
fixed rafter only
Interior white wood shutter (replacing drape)   $115/window
Double 14×38 Block Window over Master Tub   $270
Single Block over Tub/Shower                          $100



Solid Oak Cabinet with Mortise & Tenon Construction, 30” Lined Overhead Cabinets with Adjustable Shelving, Drawer over Door Construction with Panel Insert Doors in Kitchens & Baths:     STD
RAISED PANEL Kitchen Cabinet Doors              $275/Kitchen
VERTICAL OAK Kitchen Cabinet Doors              $250/Kitchen
RAISED PANEL or VERTICAL in Baths               $100
White Raised Panel Cabinet Doors Throughout $500
Fluted Cabinet Edges with Solid End Panels      $400
(Included in the Delights Package- See Page 8)

Roll Around Island (36”)                                  $250
Note: The 36” roll around island may be substituted at no additional cost in place of any standard fixed island.


18’ Frost Free Refrigerator                               STD
(color: white only)

Icemaker installed in 18’ Refrigerator               $90
Icemaker plumbed only                                    $30

Omit Refrigerator                                             $275 credit
Omit Range                                                      $200 credit

White     Black
20’ Side by Side with Ice & Water in Door     $475       N/A
22’ Countour SxS with Ice & Water in Door   $600       $600
30” Deluxe Self Cleaning Range                    $140       N/A
30” Smooth Top Self Cleaning Range            $300       $385
Potscrubber Dishwasher                               $335       $335
Grill Style Cooktop in counter w/Wall Oven   $925       $925
Grill Style Cooktop                                       $675       $675
(add to free standing range)
Smooth Top Cooktop add                             $200       $200
Built in Microwave above wall oven              $295       $295
Rangehood Microwave                                 $450       $450

Wire & Plumb only for Dishwasher                $35
Garbage Disposal Installed                           $80
Under the Counter Sony Stereo/CD Player    $170

Appliances (Packages):                           White     Black
Premium Kitchen                                         $899       N/A
(18’ Frost Free Refrigerator with Icemaker, Potscrubber Dishwasher, Rangehood Microwave & Standard 30” Range)

Sub Gas Range Add:                                     $100      N/A

White     Black
Dream Kitchen                                            $1399     $1399
(20’ Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water in the Door, Potscrubber Dishwasher, Rangehood Microwave & Smooth Top Self Cleaning Range)

Sub Gas Range Add:                                    $100      $100
Sub 3 Door refrigerator                               $450      $450
pull out bottom freezer
White     Black
Countour Dream Kitchen                              $1699    $1699
(22’ Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water in the Door, Potscrubber Dishwasher, Rangehood Microwave & Smooth Top Self Cleaning Range)

Sub Gas Range Add:                                     $100     $100
Sub 3 Door refrigerator                                $450      $450
pull out bottom freezer

Stainless Steel Dream Kitchen                      $2499
(22’ Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water in the Door, Potscrubber Dishwasher, Rangehood Microwave & Smooth Top Self Cleaning Range)

Sub Gas Range Add:                                     $100
Sub 3 Door refrigerator                                $450
pull out bottom freezer
White     Black
GAS 30” Deluxe Self Cleaning Range             $300      $300

Countertops & Tub/Shower Edging:

Formica Countertops with Formica Edging is standard on all countertops

Kitchen M/Bath H/Bath
2” Bullnose Ceramic Countertop Edge   $175       $75      $35
Round Woodband Edging                      $75         N/A      N/A

Bullnose Trim around Showers             $75 Each Shower
Bullnose Trim around Tubs                   $75 Each Tub
(Bullnose around Tubs & Showers is included in Delights Package page 8)

Deep basin stainless steel kitchen sink with a CFG single lever faucet and sprayer                               STD

White kitchen sink with white faucet     $75
Lazy Susan in Base Cabinet                  $75
Overhead Corner Lazy Susan               $50
Not available on all models


18 ounce carpet with 5.5lb pad             STD

Elements of Nature flooring in the kitchen, utility, breakfast areas & entry foyer                              STD

Roll Vinyl Flooring in both bathrooms   STD
(20 mil wear layer)
44-66’  68-76′
25 ounce carpet                                          $425    $575
(Included in Delights Package page 8)

38 ounce carpet                                           $1175
($750 with Delights Package page 8)

28 mil Woodplank Floor vinyl in Kitchen         N/C
28 mil Woodplank Floor vinyl in Master Bath  $90
28 mil Woodplank Floor vinyl in Hall Bath       $40
Elements Flooring in Master Bath                   $160
Elements Flooring in Hall Bath                        $50
Laminate Flooring                                          $4/square foot
Available in up to 3 rooms only, not available in baths & cannot cross the marriage line.


19/32” Tounge & Groove O.S.B. decking Decking is staggard using 4×8 sheets and is glued and nailed to the floor joists.                                                            STD
2×6” floor joists 16” on center on 28 wides     STD
2×8” floor joists 16” on center on 32 wides     STD
2×10 floor joists 16” on center are optional 28 wides 32 wides
44-52’   $1560     $1135
54-60’   $1750     $1325
62-68’   $2065     $1450
70-76’   $2360     $1600

2×10’s are required on Off Frame Mods – See CAN page 14
Double perimeter rail is included with the 2×10” floor system

15 kw electric furnace                              STD
200 Amp electric panel box                      STD
50 gallon electric water heater                 STD

Hinged shower door on Master Shower     $115
(Included in Delights Package)

Utility Cabinet with Rack                          $80
Whirlpool Tub in Master Bath                    $495
Drop in Oval Tub with Tub Deck                $350
Columns at tub deck                                 $150
Cable TV Jack                                           $40 each
(up to 6 are optional per home)

Wet Bar/Vegetable Sink                            $75
Extra Exterior Outlet                                 $30
(2 are standard, 1on front & 1 on back)

Extra Phone Jack                                       $25
(1 is standard in kitchen, up to 5 more can be optioned)

Extra Outside Faucet                                 $35
(1 is standard on front)
(Included in Delights Package page 8)

40 Gallon GAS Water Heater                     $275
GAS Furnace                                             $695
OIL Furnace                                              $495
Plumb for GAS Range                                $60

Omit Furnace See CAN page 15

Wire & Brace for site installed fixture         $35 per room
Ceiling fan with light                                  $100 each
Electric Door Chime (Outside)                    $30/door
Central Vacuum System (Beam)                $595
225 amp panel box replacing 200 amp       $200
Additional Recessed Can Lighting               $25/each
Adjustable “Eyeball” Can Lighting               $30/each
Moisture Proof Recessed Can Light
over Tub or Shower                                   $30/each
Chandelier in Dining or Morning Room       $85/each
Pendent Lights                                          $55/each


3” White Cove Molding in All Rooms             STD
4” White Cove Molding                                 $50/room
See CAN page 6 for more detail

Wood burning with pre-fabricated stone surrounds:

Full stack stacked stone wood burning fireplace             $1499
Half stacked  wood burning fireplace                             $950

Full floor to ceiling stacked stone wood burning             $1999 fireplace with  bookcases on each side

*NOTE: Pre-fabricated stone is available in Gray & Brown
Stone fireplaces have a raised hearth and oak mantle

Gas Fireplace including gas logs & ceramic surround     $2200


Raised Arch Interior Doors with Lever Handles             $400
(Included in Delights Package page 8)

Utility Sink with Base Cabinet                                       $175
Deluxe Laundry Center with Sink, Base & Overhead      $650
(not available on all models)

Utility Room Door                                                         $150
His & Her Bath (available on limited models)                 $900
3rd Bathroom (available on limited models)                  $890
½ Bathroom (available on limited models)                    $560
4th Bedroom (available on limited models)                   $350

DRYWALL: See CAN page 24 &25 for more information

Pre-finished drywall is standard in the living areas (living room, dining room & den if applicable). Drywall can be optioned in all other rooms. Blue nail, which is unfinished drywall can also be optioned. We apply a base coat of paint on pre-finished drywall. If desired, a finish coat of paint must be applied by homeowner and is a homeowner responsibility. Nelson Homes does offer a painting package.

Pre-Finished Drywall option                         $340 per room
Pre-Finished Drywall in Walk in Closets        $240/ walk-in
Blue Nail                                                      $240/room
(Drywall is hung only, not tape & textured)


Extra Idler Axle                                             $350 both halves

Extra Idler axles help carry the weight load and are sometimes required when certain items are optioned such as cedar & log siding, 6/12 hinged roof, stretching a home, etc.

Extra Brake Axle                                            $390  both halves

Extra Brake axles, like idler axles, help carry additional weight loads. Some states require that at least 50% of the axles on each half are brake.




On Frame                                             $3500
See CAN pages 12-17 for more detail

Off Frame                                             $3600
Add 2×10 floor joist Option                    $1100 – $2300
See CAN pages 12-17 for more detail

44-64’   66-76’
DELIGHTS PACKAGE:                            $1399   $1699
¨ Fluted Edging on Cabinet Ends with Solid Side Panels
¨ 25 ounce carpet
¨ Hinged Shower Door on Master Shower
¨ Frost Free Faucet on Rear
¨ Decorative Tulip Lights on All Vanities
¨ Bullnose Ceramic Around Tubs & Showers
¨ Raised Arch Interior Doors with Lever Handles

****  Many Options require additional Construction cost  ****
**** ALL Options and Prices may change with out notice ****