Nelson and Bennies Homes is now offering Solar Electric panels with our houses. You can start small and start saving today! We are now offering a 200 watt panel and Micro Inverter technology that allows you to add Solar Panels as your budget permits. We can provide 25%, 50% up to 100% of the power required to maintain your new home as well. You will also be able to monitor the performance of your systems (online) to see how much power you are generating.

Your Solar panels also are eligible for a 30% Tax Credit… That is a Real Savings… as well as a discount on your house depending on the number of watts you purchase. All of this adds up to be a BIG savings, reducing your carbon footprint, and doing your part for a better environment.

Call your Sale Consultant with Nelson or Bennies and they will be glad to help you understand more about our systems and how they will benefit you.

This is just another first for the modular home industry in Virginia. Our goal is to be a leader in this industry and provide that best home for the money possible.